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FireWire-2 & USB2.0 E-SATA Disk Caddie

Product Information

Blupont is pleased to announce the latest in its proven family of external storage Caddies, the new FireCaddy™

The USB-HD3.5-ESF is probably one of the most advanced external Storage caddie on the market today. Featuring the very latest IEEE1394b (FireWire-2) interface to allow a maximum transfer speed of an incredible 800Mbps (cable included) – ideal for real-time Video editing, Server backup management or simply backing up your mixed media data quickly and efficiently.

But that’s not all. Featuring the industry standard SATA and E-SATA Hard Disk interface, allows any compatible 3.5” Drive to be installed and used as an external storage device in minutes. Also included is an external E-SATA interface (cable included) to allow an additional Drive to be connected thus massively increase the storage potential of the FireCaddy™.

With a stylish cool and quiet design, built-in USB 2.0 interface with backward USB 1.1 capabilities the new USB-HD3.5-ESF is your only choice when it comes to the very latest in external storage caddies.

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