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USB 3.0
2.5" HDD enclosure

Product Information


Congratulations on your purchase of this super-speed USB3.0 Portable Device Disk extrnat enclsoure. This super-speed USB3.0 Device is your friendly, secure and iightweigh removeable mass storage device disk enclosures. Computer will quickly detact and configure the disk without
restarting when connected with the enclsoure thru USB cable. You can do everything u like as using a disk driver. Since it can support large capacity, u can also play Mp3 FILES,run program applicarion and play vidos directly from disk, and the encisoure is so light and compact that u can carry it with uanywhere. It is so easy to install that u can actually use it as your Backup device or replace the ZIP drivers or MO drivers. Please read the manual carefully before use this product.


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